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Makes retightening your microlocs & small dreadlocs a breeze!



One of the best retightening tools on the market for microlocs and small dreadlocs!

The Loc-Key™ Tool was created in 2008 by myself, Janet Kay 'Queen of Lovers Rock', International Reggae Artist and Marie Cameron Master Loctician of

The Loc-Key™ tool has been crafted to the highest standard in solid Sterling Silver, The Loc-Key™ tool has a guaranteed design Registered Hallmark.

The Loc-Key™ tool is durable, as well as practical and can be worn on a chain as a pendant as a peice of jewellry, so you can have it with you always.

As skin sensitivity can be an issue when purchasing jewellery, the Loc-Key™ name and Assay Office (London) UK 925 guaranteed hallmark is our assurance to you that the Loc-Key™ tool has been created with your needs in mind. Don't settle for less!!!

We recommend the Loc-Key™ tool be used by professional locticians or in accordance with a loctician's instructions and maintenance advice.

Elegant in appearance and smooth to the touch, the Loc-Key™ tool will glide through your roots with ease. It will not snag, hence minimising the possibility of hair breakage at root level.

We stand by our motto 'Loc It Right, Loc It Tight'. 


Questions commonly asked and answered

Loc-Key™ TOOL FAQs

We do not give instructions on how to start your locs only very basic instructions on how to retighten them. We recommend that you consult a professional loctician to install your locs.

We provide instructions for a basic tool locking method. However, if you already have Locs and they were not started with a tool, we recommend you seek professional advice. Switching from one locking method to another can cause weakness on the Loc if the hair is not properly prepared at root level.

The Loc-Key™ tool is excellent for any hair type. However, we have found that tightly textured hair locks quickest and works best when forming Locs without the addition of products.

How your Locs are installed is down to personal choice. It is possible to start your Locs using braids, twists, palm rolling etc. We recommend installation by a professional loctician as, in our opinion, this will give you the best foundation prior to self maintaining. The Loc-Key™ tool is also great for people who know how to lock or have been instructed in the process.

PayPal will calculate your local currency automatically. All you have to do is go through the payment process and PayPal will calculate the price of the Loc-Key™ Tool and the Postage and Package fee giving you the total in your local currency.

Included in your purchase will be a pouch to house your Loc-Key™ Tool, a silver cleaning cloth and an A5 sheet giving very basic instructions as per the website video.

We are now completely sold out of the Large Loc-Key™ Tools and we have not plans to reproduce them.

The Loc-Key™ Tool is 3.5 cm long and the head is 6mm wide. It is suitable for Sisterlocks, Microlocs and small to medium dreadlocs.

For UK orders, please allow 14 days for delivery. For all international orders, please allow 21 days. 


... and what they are saying about the Loc-Key™ Tool
“I have had Sisterlocks for seven years. I love using my Loc-Key™ Tool to retighten my hair. It's easy to use because of the shape and size and I love the fact that it's real sterling silver.”

“I was taught to self-maintain using the Loc-Key™ Tool back in 2013 and have been using it ever since. I have attended several hair shows and have seen many demostrations using other tools. The Loc-Key™ Tool is by far the easiest and most practical tool on the market.”

“I have been using the Loc-Key™ Tool for 5 years now. I find that it is a great tool.  I goes through the hair with ease and it's shape and size is comfortable to manoeuvre in my hands. I strongly recommend it and my clients love it!”

“The Loc-Key™ Tool is an exceptionally impressive tool! The design allows smooth ease of use without having to negotiate with a fiddly latch. The needle shape design prevents damage to the hair and scalp. I highly recommend this little gem!

“As a sisterlocks consultants, I have used the Loc-Key™ Tool to install and retighten my clients locs, both traditional and sisterlocks.

I find the Loc-Key™ Tool comfortable to use which is down to its smooth shape and structure. It is comfortable for my clients and there is no snagging on their hair and I am able to retighten close to the roots and scalp with no discomfort.

I recommend the Loc-Key™ Tool to my clients wishing to maintain their own locs.  

The added bonus is that it is made from sterling silver so does not tarnish and can be worn around your neck on a chain as jewellery.